1:10 All Terrain 4WD Reifen-Set (4)
1:10 All Terrain 4WD Reifen-Set (4)Dieses Off Road Räder-Set ist für alle Modelle im Maßstab 1:10 mit einem Felgenmitnehmer von 12 mm geeignet. Durch das All Terrain Reifenprofil sind sie sowohl im Gelände als auch auf der Straße bestens unterwegs.

24,90 €*

1:10 Reifen (2) Semi Slick 26mm

13,90 €*

1:10 Reifen Niederquerschnitt (2) 26mm

12,90 €*

26mm Reifen (2) Rally Block BK
 1:10 Reifen Rally Block (2) The Tamiya Rally Block tire are packaged in a pair. These are the stock replacement tires that are found in many of Tamiya's Rally kit R/C cars. They feature a cross block design and are made of durable rubber material. These tires will fit standard Tamiya touring car wheels (26mm width).

16,90 €*

26mm Reifen Rally Block weich (2)
26mm Reifen Rally Block weich (2) Here is another tire option for your touring car model: these are soft compound rally block tires which provide super grip in cooler running conditions, in particular. Item Contents/Information • Rally Block Tires (Soft) x2 • Tire Inserts x2 - these are the same as were included in Item 53133. • This product comes in a re-openable zippered bag. • Compatible with 26mm width wheels such as Items 53232 and 53914. • Compatible with tire inserts such as Item 53156.

13,90 €*

Alu Radmuttern (5) Blau eloxiert 4mm
4mm Alu Stoppmutter Blau eloxiert (5) These aluminum wheel nuts not only reduce weight but also enhance overall appearance. Set includes 5 blue wheel nuts.

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CY-2 Radmuttern (4) silber

12,90 €*

M-05Ra Rally-Block Reifen (2)

10,90 €*

M-Chass.11-Speich.Racing Felgen (4) 1/10
M-Chass.11-Speich.Racing Felgen (4) 1/10 Hop-up your Mini chassis cars (M03/M05) with these 11-spoke racing wheels. The wheels are replicas of Fiat"s Abarth 500 Assetto Corse.

10,90 €*

M-Chassis Reifen (2) Profil M-Grip 60D

18,90 €*

MN 24mm Y-Spei.-Felgen (4) +2mm weiss

14,90 €*

Radmutter 1:8 4Stk.
Radmutter M17 4Stk.

12,90 €*

Radsatz mit Kunststofffelgen (4)
Radsatz mit Kunststofffelgen (4)

35,90 €*

Reifeneinlagen (4) Racing medium 26mm

6,90 €*

Reifeneinlagen (4) Racing Typ AB 26mm

11,50 €*

SC-Groove 2.2"/3.0" soft auf Felge schwarz Abmessungen: Hex: 12mm Reifendurchmesser: 107mm Breite: 43mmGewicht: 107g Felgendurchmesser: 56/76mm

20,90 €*